The MOU signing between Dream Creative Company in Vietnam and Art X Campus took place at the headquarters of Dream Creative.

CEO Hong of ARTX and CEO Pham Ngoc Son of Dream Creative signed the MOU.

On March 1, DREAM CREATIVE (CEO Pham Ngoc Son) and ArtX Campus (CEO Hong Jung Hoon) said they had signed an agreement (MOU) to cooperate in business activities in Vietnam.

The two companies cooperated with the goal of developing and training human resources specialized in content creation.

Through this agreement, the two companies will work together to strengthen the content market (content) and train specialized human resources in content creation in Vietnam, such as training staff, and training content creators. resources, ▲ cooperation in domestic content production and ▲ exchange of human resources between the two sides.

In addition, ArtX Campus Hub will be established at DREAM CREATIVE's office in Vietnam to provide online educational seminars, VOD and many other special ArtX Campus lectures.

Representatives of ARTX and Dream Creative.

ArtX Campus ( is an integrated service platform that connects education, collaboration and trading in the Metaverse era to respond to the changing and complex content creation market changes in the current web 3.0 era. We are focused on creating a creative ecosystem and driving content creators on web 3.0.

Dream Creative Co., Ltd ( is a business connecting creative screenwriters and talented manga artists. Dream Creative has a diverse content system; a cooperative mechanism to share benefits, develop together, and contribute the best products to the community. The company's products are comics, text stories, webtoons, motion pictures, video films, short videos and TV shows, electronic portals, ... on a digitized platform; promotional products…